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Welcome to Elite Heating & Cooling of Belmont, OH. We are your hometown climate comfort professionals. From time to time, we receive additional savings from our product manufacturers and we like to pass the savings on to you, as well.

It’s Time For That Seasonal Furnace Tune-Up!
Many Heating Systems breakdown simply due to a lack of occasional maintenance. Schedule a Quick and Easy Tune-Up by Elite Heating & Cooling today!
Starting At:
Electric, Gas & Propane $89
Oil Furnace $135
Geothermal Units $109
A Professional Tune-Up can make all the Difference

Check back for future specials!

Save Big With Our Winter Online Special

  • Restoration of Your Equipment to Peak Efficiency
  • Lower Utility Costs With Peak Operation
  • Help Prevent Costly Breakdowns in Advance

The result is that your family will be safe, warm, and comfortable no matter how chilly it gets outside!

  • Electric & Gas Furnaces: $89.95
  • Oil Furnaces: $145.00

Enjoy a Tax Credit for Geothermal Installation

There is no better time to switch to geothermal energy as your home’s energy source. Switch now and receive a tax credit! The United States government is currently offering an alternative energy promotion that provides a 30% tax credit for U.S. Residential customers who install an Energy Star rated geothermal alternative energy system at their primary residence. This tax credit is in effect until Dec. 31, 2019. The 30% tax credit can be applied to offset federal income taxes, as well as the AMT and the credit can be carried over to future years.

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