Thermostats & Wi-Fi Systems Installed by Elite Heating & Cooling

Simple Digital Comfort Management from Lennox

Lennox offers a range of digital comfort management solutions to enable you to adjust the temperature, humidity, and air quality of your home with simplicity and ease.

The Lennox® ComfortSense Series Touchscreen Thermostats make maintaining your home’s climate as simple as possible. With a large, easily readable touchscreen display, touch tabs, and a programmable, easily adjustable schedule, keeping your home comfortable and operating at peak efficiency couldn’t be easier than with ComfortSense thermostats from Lennox. Elite Heating & Cooling can help you simplify your climate control and save money on your energy bills by programming your system to operate only when necessary and at the optimal level for your comfort throughout the day and night.

Complete Control From Anywhere With Icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostats

The icomfort Wi-Fi™ Series thermostats offer the most innovative climate control available in the world today. These brilliant thermostats enable you to control the complete interior climate of your home from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other internet-connected device.

All of the premium Lennox® equipment can be connected to this system, offering you the ultimate in convenience and control. Some of the features of the icomfort Wi-Fi™ Series include:

  • Beautiful Interface & Customizable Skins
  • Completely Automated Comfort
  • Lighted Touchscreen Display
  • Live Weather Alerts & Five Day Forecast
  • “One-Touch Away” to Instantly Decrease Energy Consumption
  • Self Monitoring & Diagnosis

Take advantage of the most advanced home comfort control system in the world at a surprisingly affordable price! Contact Elite Heating & Cooling, Inc. of Belmont to discover how you can enjoy the ease of automated comfort and the efficiency and aesthetic beauty of the most technologically advanced thermostat system available. Call: 740-782-1114.